When a whole race is corrupted souls


Hispanic Inferiority complex: The roots

Hispanics mentality, rooted from Native Americans remains improved by white genes struggle in the new world.

Hispanics are extremely sensible to their reputation, they feel easily toucher about every aspect of their life, this feeling is originated from their ancestry and from the reputation and stereotype they are known of as the farmers class and the labor class replacing the African slaves,  and exploited at low end paying jobs.

Hispanics obsession with their appearance trace its roots back to the discovery of the new world and the inferiority complex or the impression of superiority European gave to native Americans upon the discovery of America, since then on, the natives in modern look, or Hispanics as we know them today, representing native remains descendants, infused with gringos genes that they got through extensive, progressive, multi-centuries, cross breeding, with westerners and all kinds of visitors from overseas, discovering what the new world has to offer from landscapes, rich nature, and… mestizo females.

At the time of the discovery of the new world, the notion of prostitution wasn’t known to native females, so basically that was a buffet of free native chicks roaming around half naked, the cross breeding was often due to the fascination of native female with the conquistadors, and to her docile, low and submissive nature, then, the notion of trade been introduced to native, female natives were a valuable merchandise, she been traded for weapons, blankets, and whiskey…

And as a more developed stage, native females discovered the prostitution, and she was branded then and until forever the whores of the new world.

This subordination stereotype passed down through generations since the 16 century, until today, developing a deep inferiority complex in the soul of Hispanic, rooted from their ancestry and the American History.
The American flag remind them of how low and inferior their race is and it brings back the souvenirs and the scares of the conquest, a failure to self-identify among Hispanics is noted in their daily behavior and in their struggle for a self-determination, Hispanic as an ethnic or racial groups is absent from the classical definitions in ethnology or racial anthropology, it is a recent term that surfaced the racial structure of the United states and as a consequence of the humanity long after the discovery of the new world, that was unknown until recent decades, the term Hispanic or Latino, was introduced in the 1980 census as a category of ethnicity, separate and independent of race.

Hispanic and Latino Americans make up a racially diverse group, and as a whole is the largest minority in the country. It has been introduced by the US. Census bureau to respond to the new racial groups surfacing the demographic composition of the United States, it is not white, nor black, and not pure native Americans, it is the result of the progressive cross breed between the different racial groups, a subordination relationship White man/Native woman and the prostitution at the roots of the formation of this new racial group. It is often about their appearance and how they are supposed to look, since there is no Hispanics as a race or ethnic group, has no specific definition nor a particular racial definition.




Parasites Invasion: Immigrants are now colonising the USA

Mexico is now colonising America and imposing its language and culture. Though the Americans still have the strength of understanding to recognise that the Hispanic invasion should be stopped, they are unable to take the measures required to achieve this end. The very least that must be done to halt the Hispanic invasion is the mass enslavement, or execution, of the invaders, which must be followed by an American invasion of Mexico to enforce American language and values upon the Mexicans. But the citizens of the USA recoil from such ruthless violence (see ‘the communal attitude to violence’) and instead embrace delusion. They pretend their futile defence is not folly, ignore the slow but inevitable takeover of their country and persecute anyone who tries to dispel their illusions. America has lost its ability to defend itself and must eventually be overrun by people from other cultures.

The result of this migration is inevitable; the invaders take over their new homeland by sheer weight of numbers. The original manners, customs and beliefs of the destination country are slowly replaced by those of their invaders. This can be easily seen in the USA where the actual border with Mexico is slowly moving further north every year. The culture of the white Americans is being displaced by their mainly Hispanic invaders; peace and wealth created by the white American culture are being replaced by poverty and crime brought by the invaders; a take-over made obvious by the replacement of the use of the English language with Spanish. Miami is now a Spanish-speaking city even though it is technically in America— an English-speaking country.

The Americans have naturally tried to halt this invasion but their efforts are weak and ineffectual. The easiest way into America is by walking from Mexico, where a patrolled fence has been erected as a barrier (like Hadrian’s wall). Those Mexicans who are detected crossing the barrier are merely returned to Mexico to try again. Those who cross undetected are still subject to discovery but this is an unlikely fate, and the penalty is just a return to Mexico to try again. And often the enforced return can be avoided by manipulation of the law.

Declining Culture Vulnerable To Parasites
The impact of the intrusion of an alien culture upon a failing culture is similar to a parasitic attack suffered by any failing creature. Though the citizens of a declining community are slowly losing their attachments to their own community, they still feel some sense of obligation towards it. It is their community, full of their own kind, which is their tribe, so regardless of their growing indifference to their society’s tradition, they still feel a concern for its welfare. Whereas migrants from alien cultures have no such concerns; they are among strangers with a different culture. These invaders have not come to improve their host’s society, but their own, at the expense of their host. Hence such invading minority communities are parasites upon their host community.

Parasitic Nature Of Invaders Initially Masked
Initially, while the invaders are present only in small numbers, they will treat their host with care and respect. The contempt they must feel about their host’s culture will be dissembled, along with their intention to exploit the wealth of their host while avoiding any demands the host may place upon them. They will naturally subscribe to those laws of the host that carry the real threat of penalty or offer profit, but only because of convenience, and not for respect for the notions underpinning those laws; while all other laws of the host community will be silently treated with contempt except in those rare instances where they match their own culture.

Incompatible Nature Of Invaders Will Eventually Be Revealed
As the invaders numbers grow so will their confidence and their own culture will start to publicly assert itself. The invader’s general contempt for the culture of their host will become evident and will generate resentment between the different cultures, but while this may fester and flare from time to time, the host will confirm the decaying nature of its own culture by being unable to take effective action against the invaders.

Abstract from:  http://www.ourcivilisation.com/

Illegal Chinese Immigrants to the United States
United States immigration officials estimate that 30,000 Chinese illegal aliens enter the U.S. every year. China has refused to take back an estimated 39,000 citizens that have been denied permission to immigrate into the United States, filling detention centers at great expense to American taxpayers. The number of illegal Chinese immigrants in the United States is small compared to the millions of Mexicans and Central Americans that enter the country illegally every year. The Chinese immigrant issue didn’t even make the news until 1993 when a ship named the Golden Venture ran aground off New York City and 10 illegal Chinese immigrants died when they tried to escape. During one two year period many Chinese were smuggled from Canada through a Mohawk reservation in the United States, with Native American smugglers making an estimated $170 million. The story was the subject of the movie Frozen River. Illegal Chinese immigrants that make it to the United States disappear into the Chinese communities after reaching their destinations. In New York many get jobs in sweat shops or restaurants where they say the “live like pigs and eat like dogs.” Some are forced into prostitution to pay off smugglers. A man who finds a factory job, paying $1,800 a month figures he can pay back smugglers in three years. Those who don’t make it in their effort to get into the United States often try again. Some are turned away three or four times before they finally make it. Book: The Snakehead: The Epic Tale of the Chinatown Underworld and the American Dream by Patrick Raddeb Keefe (Doubleday, 2009).

Census: White Population Will Lose Majority In U.S. By 2043

The irony of the status of the anchor babies and the loophole in the American jurisdictional system, and the incompatibility of the 14 amendment with today’s circumstances.

WASHINGTON — White people will no longer make up a majority of Americans by 2043, according to new census projections. That’s part of a historic shift that already is reshaping the nation’s schools, workforce and electorate, and is redefining long-held notions of race.

The official projection, released Wednesday by the Census Bureau, now places the tipping point for the white majority a year later than previous estimates, which were made before the impact of the recent economic downturn was fully known.
America continues to grow and become more diverse due to higher birth rates among minorities, particularly for Hispanics who entered the U.S. at the height of the immigration boom in the 1990s and early 2000s. Since the mid-2000 housing bust, however, the arrival of millions of new immigrants from Mexico and other nations has slowed from its once-torrid pace.
The country’s changing demographic mosaic has stark political implications, shown clearly in last month’s election that gave President Barack Obama a second term – in no small part due to his support from 78 percent of non-white voters.
There are social and economic ramifications, as well. Longstanding fights over civil rights and racial equality are going in new directions, promising to reshape race relations and common notions of being a “minority.” White plaintiffs now before the Supreme Court argue that special protections for racial and ethnic minorities dating back to the 1960s may no longer be needed, from affirmative action in college admissions to the Voting Rights Act, designed for states with a history of disenfranchising blacks.
 Latinos…A majority in 2050
In America the correct therm used to describe, this ethnic group is Hispanics or for a more accurate description Mestizos.
The definition of Mestizo by http://en.wikipedia.org
Mestizo English /mɛˈstizoʊ/,[1] Castilian Spanish [mes’tiθo], Latin American Spanish [mes’tiso] is a term traditionally used inSpain, and the Spanish-speaking Latin America to mean a person whose ancestors were both European and American Indians only. The term was used as a racial category in the Casta system that was in use during the Spanish empire‘s control of their American colonies.
During the colonial period, mestizos quickly became the majority group in much of what is today the Spanish-speaking parts of Latin America, and when the colonies started achieving independence from Spain, the mestizo group often became dominant. In some Latin American countries, such as Mexico, the concept of the “mestizo” became central to the formation of a new independent identity that was neither wholly Spanish nor wholly indigenous and the word mestizo acquired its current double meaning of mixed cultural heritage and descent.
Hispanics AKA Mestizos are predicted to be the major ethnic group among all minorities in USA and even depassing Whites….
Hispanics AKA Mestizos have great hopes on that promised day when they become a majority among minority groups …They already announcing big projects for 2050.
They are already majority in parts of NYC, Some part of NJ, Ecuadorians are infesting large part of CT …and of course Florida, the west coast and large part of Texas are under Hispanic siege.
All these areas with predominance presence of Hispanic community are known to be places for low morality;ignorance, predominance of uneducated population, racial issue and Identity crisis,
underage prostitutes, Drug trafficking, anarchy and absence of respect of law and order, large concentration of Illegal immigrants, businesses using undocumented workers, smuggling of humans and drugs, places where you can virtually buy anything from goods, fake documents to humans.Places where STD are spreading like the flu in winter time, where ignorance and primitiveness are life style.
UNFORTUNATELY the so anticipated day of Hispanics becoming a majority in USA doesn’t arrive yet …So, people who live in areas without an Hispanic community presence must travel all the way to those areas with large concentration of Mestizos to enjoy what a Large Hispanic community have to offer.
2050,Hispanics majority in America…Welfare Rats shouldn’t breed! Abort Anchor babies.

                          Anchor babies: The Silent Invasion from rim lo on Vimeo.

How Does it feel?

The History of America is well known of the hierarchical subdivision characterizing the American society, America a society primarily White built and controlled, naturally an subordination status of some groups is part of their History, and present i.e. Hispanics and Blacks, Hispanics are well known of been the remains of Native Americans, and today they exist as second class citizens, Blacks are known of being African slave descendants, a tag that stuck on their status as African Americans.




I feel sorry for how Latinos feel, it’s an historical issue that never happened anywhere else in the world. People all over the world got some dignity and pride (except Chinese and Indians …lol ) Hispanics, aka Latinos or Mestizos are making history in the degradation of human self-esteem and dignity at the price of $$, they give the perfect example of the sellout humans in the 21st century, of lost souls …. C’est pourquoi souvent je parle de Hispanics …comme une entity, une entity qui prends toutes les shapes, forms,sizes, and colors, une entitiy meprisable qui utilise le fact that the whole planet raped native Indians in a way or another, I don’t blame them a lot, Natives were running around half naked, and at that time the prostitution notion wasn’t introduced to them as a source of income, yet, so basically that was a buffet of gratos hookers, now they start charging, they can’t be happier.
This multi-level cross breed with all kinds of Conquistadors and sex tourist make it easy for it to pass for different races to misrepresent or as inferior as it feels to change how it is seen as the second class citizens struggling for assimilation and integration developing a deep inferiority complex feeling.
The origin of this entity is the Native Indians crushed spirit, that still struggling for equality in what was it’s land . The Hispanics stereotype in US may be compared or related to white men discovery of the new world and the coexistence of European conquerors with the native Americans all the aspects of their life today is just an extension of that scenario.


Some rumeurs, Natives spirit was evil …but that’s another story.

Hispanics: The Roots

1344566124_4076_DexterHispanics are a low form of life that never existed before in any other continent, it’s the new specie, that popped out as a result of the cross breed between native Americans, and el conquistadors at a first time, then with all other child sex tourist at a second time, it is known for hosting the native Americans spirit, which is a primitive form of life suffering from eternal inferiority complex and identity crisis, their inferiority complex and their desire to deflect their mental and cultural inferiority s’express by their daily actions and their efforts to manipulate the facts about their low existence as native remains descendants in improved looks, often by screaming as loud as possible nonsense or repeating what they hear from others in a reformulated sentences and expect to sound smart, their immorality is legendaire, they got no culture nor a distinct entity, they are the lost souls of native Americans, in new improved look with gringos genes, and now corrupted and evil, the fact that they resulted of forced cross breeding at a first time, then of mostly prostitution and perversion activities, make them a low form of life all the long of their ancestry tree, explaining the reason why they are low, corrupted soul, and unholy offspring. 

Mr. Core experienced first hand contact with la Raza  or Native American spirit resurrection in new improved look, by gringos genes bien evidement.


The immorality and the corruption of la Raza s’express in their daily life action, their action tend to seem like naive or celle of an mentally challenged kid, they are in perpetual search of an identity, confused between their native roots, and the Black and white entities, hard to present their ethnic group, without invoking the scare of the past and the humiliation that native American were subject to and on the other hand, the fact that their ancestry can’t go further that few centuries ago, even no further than last century, that make them in perpetual search for an identity.

The Immorality of Mestizos


The immorality and the corruption of la Raza s’express in their daily life action, their actions tend to seem like naive or that of an mentally challenged kid, they are in perpetual search for an identity, confused between their native roots, and the Black and white entities, hard to present their ethnic group, without invoking the scare of the past and the humiliation that native American were subject to and on the other hand, the fact that their ancestry can’t go further that few centuries ago, even no further than last century, that make them in perpetual search for an identity.

Their mind and spirituality is like a primitive form of life they are limited into primitive instincts, like hunger, thirst, sex, appearance, body structure…etc. Bigger, or challenging subjects are often beyond their perception and as a reaction to sound smarter, they just mimic what they hear, or as cited before, they reformulate what they hear to sound smart, and link it to themselves. The way they try to convince Mr. Core about their cultural development made no doubt about their low nature and inferiority mental and cultural, a certain primitiveness  and immorality been noticed, since they act almost next to their ancestors native Americans mental development, in their savageness, and the way they try to deflect the attention about their low and backwarded nature, screaming like the savage Indians, often none sense or repeating same stuff and reformulating the  order of the words, expecting to sound interesting, intimidation, harassment and physical treat are often part of their natural daily actions, it’s like they still trying to fight for their land…But overpowered by Gringos; they just kept that part of their nature as a behavioral signature to all Mestizos with native blood and Hosting the Injuns spirit in their daily life, just the same way their ancestors did, except now they are not armed with axes, and scalping El Conquistador; still the statistics of the crimes committed by Latinos are sky high, the bloodiest, the extremely goring and savage among all crimes in America, just observe what’s going on Mexico, and you will get the image, native spirit, is still alive, sure it is in different bodies, often improved to melt better in the various demographic texture, but, it’s there, overpowered sure,  it vowed revenge, and it’s getting it through its silent brown invasion.

Pervert Mestizos

Guatemalan Immigrant Caught Having Sex With A Dog:

 Fort Lauderdale police report that a witness saw Jenson Bolla-Sosa, 28, with his penis out, penetrating his dog’s backside. After the owner got the dog away from the alleged doggy-diddler, he says she was “whimpering” in pain. And then, when police arrived on the scene and tried to bring Bolla-Sosa to the patrol car, he attempted to elbow and spin away from them, adding another, less embarrassing charge, to his résumé. No word on whether or not Bolla-Sosa was able to complete the act to his satisfaction.
During his arraignment on Monday, Judge John Hurley almost denied him bail. However, a clear-headed, dog-hating assistant public defender pointed out that the court had had cases that “involve the abuse of women or the abuse of men, of human beings, and they are able to post bond. The facts of this case are not good. But comparing it to the abuse of a human being is not as significant.” Judge Hurley responded, prior to setting bond at a seemingly arbitrary $12,500, “I think abuse of an animal in certain circumstances can be just as significant and troubling.”Bolla-Sosa is being held at Broward County Jail and is now also in the midst of an immigration investigation.
Mexican Illegal Caught Having Sex with Puppy:
A mixed-breed dog was being placed in foster care Tuesday after being rescued from a transient Indiantown man who was allegedly having sex with the puppy.A witness called a Martin County deputy who arrived to find Junio Trenta, 31, having anal intercourse with the dog amid the woods in the 3200 block of Southeast Dixie Highway about 12:11 p.m. Monday. Upon being seen, Trenta said, “It’s my dog,” and, “What’s the problem?” The male dog ran and hid behind the deputies, according to a report released Tuesday.
Trenta, a Mexican citizen working as a laborer, was charged with one count of felony sexual bestiality and one count of felony animal cruelty. He was also charged with one misdemeanor count each of giving a false name to deputies, exposure of sexual organs and possession of paraphernalia after a marijuana-smoking pipe was found in his pocket, according to the report.
He was being held on a $13,000 bail at the Martin County jail. Records from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement show Trenta spent 28 days in jail after pleading no contest to an Orange County misdemeanor larceny charge in 2005.

Most illegal immigrants deported last year were criminals

By Alan Gomez and Kevin Johnson, USA TODAY
WASHINGTON – The U.S. deported nearly 400,000 illegal immigrants last year, and an increasing number of them were convicted criminals, according to figures set for release Tuesday by the Department of Homeland Security.Deportations have been on the rise for the past decade, and the 396,906 illegal immigrants deported in fiscal year 2011 is the highest number yet, according to the figures.Under the Obama administration, Homeland Security issued new priorities to focus deportations on convicted criminals, people who pose threats to national security and repeated border-crossers. Last year, 55% of those deported were convicted criminals, the highest percentage in nearly a decade.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director John Morton said the numbers reflect the administration’s “focus on sensible immigration.”

“In the face of limited resources, we have to prioritize, and that starts with criminal offenders,” Morton said. “We are making sure that people who game the system face the consequences.”

Critics say the numbers illustrate that the administration is intent on finding ways for illegal immigrants to stay in the country.

Obama last year endorsed the DREAM Act , which would have granted legal status to some children of illegal immigrants, but it failed to pass Congress.

And Rep. Lamar Smith , R-Texas, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee , has questioned the reprioritizing of deportations, arguing that it amounts to a free pass for illegal immigrants who have not committed major crimes.

“It’s disappointing that the Obama administration continues to put illegal immigrants before the American people,” Smith said. “We could free up millions of jobs for citizens and legal immigrants if we simply enforced our immigration laws.”

Others look at the numbers and wonder how they could be interpreted as leniency.

“For billions of dollars to be spent so that 45% of the people we’re deporting are not convicted criminals is not a good use of our enforcement dollars,” said Ali Noorani, executive director of the National Immigration Forum , which supports a path for some of the nation’s 11 million illegal immigrants to become citizens.

Of the convicted criminals deported last year, 1,119 were convicted of homicide, 5,848 of sexual offenses, 44,653 of drug-related offenses and 35,927 of driving under the influence, according to the Homeland Security figures.

The number of illegal immigrants deported has risen from 116,782 in 2000. The percentage of criminal deportations was at 31% when Obama assumed office.